FluxSmart Blast - White LED Light Bulb With Bluetooth Speaker

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FluxSmart Blast LED Light Bulb with Bluetooth Speaker

FluxSmart Blast LED light bulb turns any light socket into a Bluetooth speaker. Enjoy your music wirelessly from anywhere you want. Featuring a 3 Watt driver, this powerful light bulb speaker can fill any room with rich audio.

The FluxSmart Blast light bulb speaker allows you to stream music from any connected Bluetooth device to your light bulb. You can stream music from any source such as Pandora, Youtube, Spotify etc.

FluxSmart Blast also consists of a 6W LED bulb that produces a soft warm light (3000K) to light up your room. Perfect for setting up the right ambiance in your room. And with 20,000 hours of average lifespan, you can save money while looking cool.

Getting Started

Getting started with FluxSmart Blast is really simple. Just follow these steps:

1. Screw in the FluxSmart Blast light bulb in a socket and power it on.
2. Open Bluetooth settings in your device and look for device named ULIGHT
3. Connect to ULIGHT from your device. You are now ready to stream music to your FluxSmart Blast bulb.

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