Bluetooth Smart LED Light Strip Kit - Color Changing Tape Lights for Bedroom, Under Cabinet and TV Bias Lighting

$ 49.99

Introducing the Flux Bluetooth Smart LED Light Strips


The latest addition to the Flux smart home catalog, Flux Light Strips are Bluetooth enabled, multicolored, energy efficient smart LED light strip. You can pair it with your Flux Bluetooth smart bulbs and create amazing under cabinet, behind the TV or bedroom lighting.

Other light strips in the market are controlled via a remote with limited colors and options. The Flux Smart light strips are smartphone controlled. Which means the amount of options and possibilities are endless. So what can you do with the Flux Smart Light Strips? Here are some ideas..

Its movie night, and with the touch of button you dim your Flux Bluetooth bulbs and change the color of the light strips behind your TV and under the cabinets to create the perfect home theater for your movie.

You want to wake up in the morning. But alarm clocks can be jarring. Instead have your lights turn on slowly so you can wake up gently and naturally.

Its Friday evening and you are hosting your friends. Turn on the music and have all the light in your house start syncing and changing colors automatically to music. Your party just got 10x more awesome!!

You are away on vacation, and concerned about your home security? Have your lights turn on in the evening and turn off at night or early morning automatically.

So what are you waiting for? Click Add to Cart at the top right corner and create your own magic with the Flux Smart Light Strips.

App Name: “Flux Bluetooth”

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