About Us

Technology has changed dramatically in the past 100 years, yet the light bulbs in our homes are still based on a 100 year old technology. FluxSmart Lighting is a provider of innovative home lighting solutions, and our goal is to bring lighting technology to the 21st century, and change the way we see light.

Who We Are

FluxSmart Lighting was born in late 2013 when its founder and CEO Subbu Karthik had a "light bulb" moment. While swapping out the light bulbs in his house for colored lighting during the holidays, he wondered if he could get a light bulb that could be set to any color. That sparked the idea which grew into our first product. In early 2014, we launched Flux Bluetooth, a Bluetooth enabled, smartphone controlled LED light bulb. 

Since then our mission has been very simple. Push the boundaries of home lighting and create the best products at an affordable cost. 

Our Quality

At FluxSmart Lighting, we are committed to making the best lighting products in the world. And we obsess over the quality of our products. Every bulb we manufacture undergoes a rigorous QA process. 

Customer Focus

At FluxSmart Lighting, our customers and their satisfaction come first. If our customers are happy, then we are happy as well. We love hearing from our customers, whether its positive feedback or suggestions for improvements. Many of our new products and features have come about from listening to our customers.

Reach us with your questions, comments, feedback or suggestions at support@fluxsmartlighting.com. We'd love to hear from you.