14 Unique Ways To Use Smart Lighting October 31, 2016 00:00

The wide range of applications for smart lighting is one of the things that makes these light bulbs so impressive, and so useful. And when you add a bit of creativity to the equation you’ll be amazed at just what you can do.

We’ve compiled a small list of just a few of the things you can do with smart lighting, from creating an unforgettable party to presenting your most highly esteemed paintings in a whole new light.

Automate your home with smart lighting

Ever wanted to walk through your front door to be actually greeted by your home? While we’re not there yet, smart lighting lets you set up your bulbs so that they’ll turn on when you arrive home and turn off when you leave. The future is here!

Use smart bulbs to kick your party’s style up a notch

Looking to throw a killer house party but don’t have the decorations to match the mood? Use smart bulbs such as these to create a multi-colored dance floor that changes color to the beat!

...Or to pump up it’s tunes

And if you don’t have enough speakers to deliver the beats to every corner of your house, try out these speaker bulbs that can play your favorite tunes from any light socket in the house. They sound surprisingly awesome!

Add some flavor to your home with accent lighting

One surefire way of adding some flair to a room is by using accent lighting. A tactic much beloved by interior decorators across the world, accent lighting has a way of not only drawing the eye to the most interesting thing in the room but also changing any area from a mediocre collection of furniture to a room with a personality. The versatility of smart lighting makes these bulbs a perfect fit for this function.

Brighten up areas for complex tasks

As anyone who has had to deal with the eye-watering effects of cutting up onions knows, not being able to clearly see while chopping can be quite the dangerous ordeal. But an overly bright kitchen can be a bit of a nuisance when you don’t need all that light. That’s why smart lighting is ideal for kitchens: they provide the brightness needed for cooking and the dimness desired for general lighting. All in one bulb!

Present your favorite piece of art

In addition to the highlighting effects smart lighting can bring to your art, LEDs have also been shown to be the most effective light for preserving the structural integrity of paintings. They not only don’t produce the damaging UV rays like other bulbs, they also are much more efficient, making constant illumination even less costly than before.

...Or use smart lighting AS art

The incredible versatility of the smart bulb, what with it’s full range of brightness and dimness, it’s 16 million different colors to choose from, and the ability to remotely control and schedule its lighting cycles has all contributed to artists around the world using them for their own works of art. And though you may not create such stunning pieces as these, you can still tap into your creative spark more than ever with smart lighting.

Add smart bulbs to your children’s rooms

It’s a combination of the relaxing, color-changing features of smart bulbs as well as their teaching power when it comes to colors that makes these bulbs ideal for a child’s room. You can’t argue with the science behind it either!

Wake up/fall asleep to smart lighting

Some of the more advanced smart bulbs out there come with a sunrise/sunset feature. When activated, your smart bulb will gradually brighten or dim to create the effect of a rising or setting sun to aid you in waking up or preparing for bed a little easier. And while the effect is neat in and of itself, the fact that it’s effects on raising energy levels throughout the day are the real reason to invest in this feature.

Photo by Stephan Legachev via common.wikipedia.org

Backlight your TV or home theater

Backlit televisions and movie screens have become a pretty popular trend nowadays. They are said to intensify immersion into whatever you’re watching as well as adding an aesthetically pleasing aspect due to the changing colors. Now you can skip the added expense of one of these TVs entirely and simply set up a smart bulb in any fixture behind the television to create these same, immersive effects! Pretty cool, huh?

Use smart lighting to deter intruders 

While deadbolt locks and a home security system are obviously your first defense, smart lighting can actually aid you in keeping your home and the valuables inside safe from intruders. Use the scheduling feature as well as the ability to control each bulb remotely to create the impression that someone is inside your house while you’re away, ensuring a smart burglar will think twice before entering that home.

Use smart lighting to support good health

Though smart lighting has an incredible range of colors to add to your home’s decorative palette, did you know these different hues may help improve your mood and health? From bright blue to energize you as much as a cup of coffee to a deep red to calm anxiety, smart lighting can tap directly into your body’s natural responses to the color spectrum to give you control over how you want to feel. It’s like technicolor therapy!

Use brightness and color levels to set the perfect mood

Whether you are coming home from a long day at the office and want nothing more than a comfortable chair, some soft lighting, and good book, or if it’s your 10 year anniversary and you need that one special touch to add some romance to the meal you slaved over, smart lighting has the versatility to match any mood you’re trying to create.

Harness the versatility (and lack of heat) of smart bulbs to create amazing light covers

When compared to most bulbs, especially incandescents, LEDs have a much lower heat output, making them ideal for artistic light covers that, for any other bulb, might pose a hazard risk. Check out this cloud light for inspiration!

Let us know what you think!

We’re always looking for new ways to use smart lighting. What kinds of creative uses have you come up with? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to think outside the box with these Flux Smart products!