Choosing The Right Fixtures To Accentuate Your Home's Style July 19, 2017 00:00

An adept interior designer knows that a single change in a room’s décor can transform its entire feel in an instant.

An accent wall can give a run-of-the-mill kitchen a fresh burst of modernity.

A boring old family room can explode with style thanks to a new rug and curtains.

And a few different lighting fixtures can inject new life into practically any space at all.

That’s why it’s crucial to know that, when it comes to your lighting fixtures, you’ve got a lot of options to choose from – because even the smallest change can revolutionize the look and feel of your home.

Wall sconces

These lighting fixtures, like pendant lights, are growing in popularity. And many times, their design schemes have a subtle beauty that other fixtures just can’t match (also like pendant lighting).

This type of lighting is typically used only in smaller spaces like bathrooms or hallways where less light is required.  

Pendant lighting

For those of you looking for a touch of sleek modernity, pendant lighting is by far your best option.

These low hanging single-bulb fixtures can be used in groups or by themselves, though most people find they look best in numbers. They’re ideal for areas like kitchen islands and dining rooms.

Cove Lighting

One of the rarest types of lighting to be sure, cove lighting is placed on a ledge or shelf near the ceiling. This creates a small patch of indirect light above structures like cabinets or dressers.

More a type of accent lighting than anything else, this unique lighting choice is creative, attractive, and can add a burst of style to almost any space.

Recessed lights

An increasingly popular choice for homeowners around the world, recessed lighting offers a functional way to brighten up a space without having to deal with the visual appeal of a fixture – both a blessing and a curse.

What’s more, using too much recessed lighting can make a room feel quite uncomfortable and is one lighting mistake that definitely detracts from your home’s interior design.

Floor and table lamps

Highly versatile and a classic choice for any occasion, floor and table lamps are what most people see when they think of lighting.

They come in a nearly limitless number of designs, you can move them practically anywhere, and many lamp shades are interchangeable, giving you a whole new layer of decoration to experiment with.

What’s not to love?

Soffit lighting

Instead of projecting light out into the room below, a soffit light shines directly onto a vertical surface like a wall.

Similar to cove lighting, soffit lighting is a rare sight to behold indeed. Which is unfortunate, because this kind of lighting can really add a type of character to a space that’s hard to achieve without it.


If you were to ask any group of people which lighting fixture is the most elegant, by far the most common answer would be the chandelier. And it’s no wonder. These hanging congregations of glass and light are designed to be the aesthetic centerpiece of any space.

And if you’re looking for ways to boost your ambient lighting with drama and style, there’s no better choice than the classic chandelier

Under-cabinet lighting

A relatively modern development in the world of illumination, under-cabin lighting first got it’s kick when LED lights started becoming affordable for the average homeowner.

As the name suggests, they’re typically used underneath kitchen cabinetry to provide some task lighting for activities like chopping and cooking.

More and more, they’re also being used in bathrooms to light the way in the night or just to give the space a little more character.

Desk lamps

More of a task lighting fixture than an ambient one, desk lamps are the go-to choice for, well, desks. But don’t be fooled by their size – desk lamps like their larger counterparts come in a wide variety of styles that extend from classic and understated to over-the-top and modern.

They’re the ideal choice for anyone looking to brighten up their home office or give themselves some light to read by in bed.

Track lighting

This type of lighting is easily one of the most adjustable. Lights are placed on a track attached to the ceiling and can be moved and manipulated to brighten up any area you turn them towards.

While not the most visually appealing fixture, there’s certainly something to be said about the flexibility this type of lighting provides.

What type of fixture is your favorite?

Do you prefer the classical elegance of a chandelier? Or maybe the modern simplicity and color of a pendant light? Let us know in the comments below and take a look at some of these beautiful Flux Smart bulbs today.