9 Vintage Lighting Tips To Give Your Home Rustic Character August 16, 2017 00:00

If there’s one thing that’s always been true about the world of aesthetics, it’s that whatever’s in style won’t stay that way forever.

But on the other hand, most things that do end up going out of style tend to come back around full circle.

Hey, look at bellbottoms.

The same goes for the world of interior design. There’s a new craze hitting the scene and it’s all about vintage.

That’s why we put together this quick list of nine vintage lighting tips to give your home some of that trending rustic character.

So, come along and let’s get old fashioned.

Embrace the flaws

If there’s only one core aspect of vintage style it’s that not everything has to be perfect. In fact, it downright shouldn’t be.

Vintage décor is all about the character, the history, the life of an item. If it looks a bit beat up or like it’s seen some rough times, that just means it’s past is all the richer. And as with any other art form, sometimes the story behind a piece of art is what truly makes it valuable.

As such, don’t sweat the kinks, the chipped paint, or the fading varnish. Instead, you may just want to seek it out.

Look for “filament” bulbs

While few types of bulbs harken back to a simpler time more than good old-fashioned filament bulbs, the truth is that they simply aren’t economical anymore. They have the shortest lifespan on the market, they’re incredibly inefficient, and they’re also pretty terrible for the environment.

But luckily, you can still get that gorgeous look of a filament bulb without all those nasty other qualities. In an LED bulb no less!

These bulbs have that same beautiful vintage style and last for decades. You can’t beat that!

Focus on warm lighting

Generally, types of light are found on a single spectrum. This spectrum ranges from reddish yellow light (referred to as warm) to a bluer kind more akin to natural daylight (also known as cool light).

As you’ probably know, these two different types of light can have a drastic effect on both the look and feel of nearly any space.

And while the rule isn’t necessarily set in stone, in most cases cooler light lends itself well to modern décor while warmer light jives well with a classical approach.

So, if you’re trying to add a bit of vintage charm to your home, you’ll want to be very careful to choose bulbs that give off a warm light rather than cool.

Or better yet, find bulbs that give you the option of changing colors so you can fine tune them to your tastes!

Let your creativity run wild

One of the best parts about vintage décor is that it really lets you get creative with how you decorate your home.

Have an old mailbox? Use it as a paper towel holder. Don’t know what to do with that grain sieve? Turn it into a chandelier!

And if you ever feel like you can’t come up with something new, the vintage movement has an enormous following so there’s always something different to try as long as you know where to look.

Be careful with modern lighting

Mixing and matching your vintage lighting with modern ones can be a bit of a slippery slope.

One the one hand, certain modern fixtures can be incredibly helpful when it comes to setting up a properly layered lighting design. Creating ambient light in particular is much easier with row after row of recessed lights compared to good old-fashioned lamps.

And while it might be reasonable to mix lights because of the type of illumination they give off, you’ll want to be careful with combining your vintage décor with modern fixtures in particular. Odds are, they simply won’t mesh.

Avoid “direct” lighting

There are two types of lighting out there to choose from: direct lighting and indirect lighting.

While they both have their own pros and cons, when it comes to giving your home that rustic panache, you’ll definitely want to opt for indirect lighting if you’re faced with the choice.

Not only will it give your space the soft illumination reminiscent of simpler times, it’ll also keep you and your guests more at ease compared to if you’d gone with direct lighting.

Get industrial

And finally, don’t be afraid to get industrial with it! The truth is, exposed pipes and gritty fixtures are in. Whereas fifty years ago these qualities would suggest destitution, today the same ones are becoming a sign of wealth and style.

The takeaway? Embrace it!

So, how will you give your home some rustic character?

Which tips have you put to good use to give your space that vintage style? Do you have any other lighting techniques that help to achieve the effect? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to check out the smart bulbs from Flux Smart today!