6 Ways To Modernize Your Home's Lighting August 9, 2017 00:00

Sleek. Cool. Invigorating. Crisp. Simple.

These are the tenets of contemporary interior design. This eye-catching approach features high contrast elements of décor and an uncomplicated style, all while still exuding an arresting visual appeal.

And if you want to reflect these same bold qualities in your home, the first major step is getting your lighting just right.

Below, we take you through six lighting tips from the pros to ensure any room radiates nothing but pure contemporary class.

Keep it simple

One of the defining characteristics of modernized home décor is a sense of simplicity. Surfaces are clean and distinct. The design elements are sleek and lacking clutter.

And when you’re trying to find that perfect contemporary look for your home, you should apply these same principles to your lighting.

Avoid gaudy decoration and over-the-top design. Prioritize the well-defined lines and angles of “geometric” styles rather than the unpredictable asymmetry of “organic” ones.

And when it comes to your color scheme, black and white are more than likely going to bring the most modern feel to any space. But that doesn’t mean you should be afraid of a few accent colors here and there either.

Prioritize cool color temperatures over warm ones

Color temperature is another important concept when it comes to your home’s interior design, even though many novices may not even notice it.

And that really is a shame because having the wrong color temperature in a space can radically alter practically any room’s personality.

You see, the type of light a bulb produces is rated on a scale that ranges from the red and yellowish light (warm) like that you’d get from a candle, to bluish-white light (cool), the kind that more closely resembles natural sunlight.

For a more contemporary feel, lean towards higher color temperatures that end up on the cooler side of the spectrum. This will help give your home a crisp, energizing quality that is sure to go well with the rest of your modern décor.

Don’t neglect colored lighting as part of your design

Contrary to popular belief, modern décor doesn’t have to be all about black and white. Sure, high contrast is certainly an important quality of contemporary interior design (which we’ll talk about later) but that doesn’t mean you can’t inject a bit of color into your home too.

In fact, adding a few bursts of bright hues into a space’s modern design can be all the more impactful on a black and white backdrop, as shown by the above kitchen.

But throwing in accent colors isn’t just about wall paint or physical décor. In fact, many modern designers are now using colored light itself to help make their interiors pop.

And there’s simply no easier way of cycling through all the different light hues at your disposal than by using a smart bulb.

These handy lighting elements let you switch between more than 16 million different colors, all right from your smart device. This kind of versatility has never been easier to use - simple as that.

Take advantage of the four main modern lighting fixtures

Sticking with the principles of simplicity and lack of clutter, you’ll want to make sure your home is outfitted primarily with four types of fixtures: pendants, recessed lighting, chandeliers, and track lighting.

While there are an enormous variety of fixture options out there, these four are key in that they’re all ceiling-based. That means no standing fixtures to fill up the room and more open air to give your space the sleek look you’re going for.

Wall sconces are another clutter-reducing fixture option and they might go blend into your contemporary home as well.

Use your light creatively

As with any other interior design element, contemporary lighting done well takes one essential quality: creativity.

After all, a boring modern décor is just as unappealing as boring traditional one.

That being said, don’t be afraid to test the limits when it comes to figuring out your home’s lighting personality.

Use lighting to frame a statue’s silhouette instead of as a direct spotlight. Highlight architectural elements like stairs or center columns to bolster a room’s character. Use bias lighting strips to outline virtually everything from your television to a bathroom mirror.

The sky really is the limit when it comes to interior design, and contemporary décor is no different.

Accentuate contrasts

And finally, embracing and accentuating contrasts (especially black and white) is one of the hallmark qualities of modern design.

The harsh juxtaposition of dissimilar design qualities and colors helps give your space a sense of organization and structure.

Which techniques do you find give your home contemporary flair?

Have you found any other modern design lighting strategies that worked well in your home? Which décor tip is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below and start your journey to a contemporary design scheme with the versatile smart bulbs from Flux Smart today!