7 Tips For Throwing An Unforgettable New Year's Eve Party With Smart Lighting December 26, 2016 00:00

You have the food, the music, and the games to keep the guests of your New Year's event entertained, but how do you make it really feel like a party? How do you ensure your guests talk about your NYE event until 2018?

You do it by incorporating smart lighting into the mix. 

These bulbs offer you literally millions of different ways to add that special something to your New Year’s party this year.

Here are 7 tips from the smart lighting pros to make sure your New Year’s party this year is truly one for the ages.

Sync your lighting to the countdown

What’s the first thing you think of when you hear “New Year’s party”? The countdown of course! No matter how raucous any New Year’s party gets, you can always be sure that everyone will stop what they’re doing to shout out the last ten seconds of the year. It’s tradition!

And what better way to accentuate the transition into a brand-new year than by syncing your lights to match up with the countdown? We’re not just talking a strobe light going off when everyone reaches zero either. Think about the reactions you’ll get as your lights flash a different color for each second, and then an explosion of all ten to bring in the New Year!

And besides the awesome spectacle it will create in your entire home, the lights will alert everyone to the last ten seconds of the year too. There’s nothing worse than missing the countdown!

Create a dynamic ambiance

You may have been to some truly incredible parties over the years with impressive lighting, but have you ever been to one where the lights change over time to match the mood? We didn’t think so! With smart lighting, you can create such an effect.

Nothing kills a party like an atmosphere that doesn’t match mood. Just think of a technicolor club scene where everyone is just standing around looking at their phones. Very awkward. But with smart lighting, you can start out your evening with bright, functional lighting that gradually transitions to a more party-like ambiance over a few hours, giving your fellow partygoers time to really get in the spirit.

Another benefit: you can set your lighting to gradually get brighter and more boring around a set time to signal those stubborn guests that it’s time to go home!

Use colors for both design AND functionality

While you can of course use the brightness levels and color choices of your smart bulb to create the same lighting scheme for your entire party, doing so means you’re missing out on some of the more creative applications of this versatile bulb.

For instance, if you’re throwing a dance club-themed party complete with low lighting and multicolored strobes (all possible with smart lighting by the way), how are your guests going to find the two most commonly sought areas of your party: the bathroom and the bar? This year, instead of constantly having to point out these two areas to your guests, simply change the settings on the smart bulbs above these areas to shine a constant color. Then, if someone can’t find what they’re looking for amidst all the noise and fun, all you have to say is “follow the blue light!” Simple!

Low-key? No problem!

Not one for partying? No problem! Smart lighting is just as much for the classy event planner as it is for the crazy partier. In fact, smart lighting may be even more useful for the serious design aficionados out there than it is for the outrageous fun-lover.

If, for instance, you see the perfect décor scheme in a magazine and are looking to reproduce the same ambiance for your get-together, owners of high-quality smart bulbs can capture those colors using their smartphone’s camera and reproduce the exact same hues with their smart bulbs. Forget gathering up the paint swatches to find that perfect combination of reds, blues, and greens. These bulbs do all the work for you. And all it takes is the click of a button!

Match your lighting to the tunes

Those of you that prefer a bit livelier atmosphere and dancing can add a whole new level of lighting/music interaction. Whereas past party lighting choices were confined to strobe lights and disco balls, these features never really interacted with the music like the professionally calibrated light shows you see in high-end dance clubs. There, the lights pulse to the beat of the music, not just every second or so.

What if you could bring that level of interaction to your New Year’s party this year? Well with smart lighting, you can! Many upscale smart bulbs on the market today come with the ability to sync light and color pulses to the thumps and bumps of your favorite tunes to truly bring your party to life. Nothing will bring more people on the dance floor this year!

Spread the music with speaker bulbs

Having trouble figuring out how to get your party’s music into the other rooms of the house without turning the volume on the dancefloor to deafening levels? Don’t waste your money on low quality mini speakers with terrible sound quality and that break after only a few uses. Instead, spread your tunes to every corner of your home by using speaker bulbs, the newest kind of smart bulb.

These special smart bulbs will not only play your music through built-in high-quality speakers that you’ll have to hear to believe, they’re also in a better position to transmit the sound throughout the room. That way, your favorite song can be heard no matter where your guests are standing. Crank up the tunes!

Outdoor décor galore

Although the interior décor will probably be the most important factor in creating your party’s atmosphere, nothing puts your guests in the party mood like a first impression. And that’s why you need to add some flair to your outdoor decorations as well.

Balloons and streamers work great for this, but if you really want to get your guests’ hearts racing when they turn down your street then you need something more. Multicolored flashing strobe lights on your doorstep? Perfect. And even if this might be too much for your tastes, smart lighting lets you cater your lighting to suit the precise mood you’re after with its range of brightness, color options, and transitions. What more could you want?

Let us know what you think!

Do you have any other smart lighting ideas to make this year’s New Year’s party the best one yet? What is your favorite smart lighting tip that you’ll be using at your party? Let us know in the comment section below and get creative with the Flux Smart Bluetooth and WiFi LEDs as well as the Flux Smart Blast Speaker Bulb!