Create The Spookiest Haunted House On The Block With Smart Lighting October 17, 2016 00:00

It’s getting to be that time of the year again, when fallen leaves of red, yellow, and orange cover the yards and the breeze takes on an unwelcome briskness, sooner than last year it feels like. For most of us, these are signals that the year is coming to a close, that holiday season is upon us, that in-laws will soon be visiting, and that you really, really need to start Christmas shopping earlier this year. New tax year, new worries, new obligations. A flood of anxieties and concerns, all brought on by a few dead leaves on the ground.

But if you’re a kid? All of this means one thing: HALLOWEEN! Goblins and superheroes and vampires and all-stars! Jack-O-Lanterns and cobwebs and spiders and graveyards! And candy, oh the candy…

The trick-or-treating anticipation found an outlet in you and your friends talking about the routes to take, the houses with the best loot, and most importantly of all, when you should visit THE house. You know the one. This was the house that all the neighborhood kids whispered about, the one that never skimped on decorations, and that always came up with a new set of frights each year.

And now that you’re grown with kids of your own, you want that to be your house. Well now is a great time for Halloween aficionados because smart lighting can help you pull off shrieks, jumps, and scares like never before to make sure your house becomes THE house this year.

Use the music sync mode to pull off those quick scares

A lot of higher end smart bulbs on the market like the Flux Smart Bluetooth 2nd Generation now feature a music sync feature which analyzes the levels of sounds being played through the smart device controlling it (like your tablet or smart phone). Typically used to add a club effect to parties, this feature can come in particularly handy in evoking some shock scares in your haunted house.

All it takes is setting the bulb to music mode through your smart device and then playing a creepy track that has a few loud noises meant to make you jump (an evil laugh, a loud scream, or even the classic “BOO”), and your house will go from pitch black to a burst of color to make that burst of sound even more shocking.

You could even use it to light up a previously unseen menacing figure like the one above. Most of the apps associated with these types of smart bulbs come with the option to adjust the sensitivity of the bulb as well, so you can make sure your scares go off without a hitch.

The remote and scheduling feature make fine-tuning your frights easier than ever

One of the most useful details in smart lighting is the fact that you have complete control over your bulbs no matter how far away you are from the light switch. This comes in particularly handy when a group of unsuspecting youngsters step up to your conveniently darkened porch and you need to reveal to them the terrifying werewolf you’ve set up at precisely the right moment.

Or you could utilize the scheduling features to take a more laidback approach to scaring your neighbor’s kids. Simply set each bulb to turn on and off at a certain time and you can sit back and listen to those satisfyingly startled screams without ever lifting a finger.

Speaker bulbs can add a whole new level of creepy to your haunted house

Imagine you walk into a dimly lit room filled with fog. You can’t make anything out but you feel as if you’re being watched. You see a quick flash of light (thanks to the remote feature!) and you catch a silhouette of some thing out of the corner of your eye. Then a muffled growl in the other direction. And another to your left! Then a shadow to the right! You’re surrounded! You feel the hairs stick up on the back of your neck as the growls become louder and louder from every direction, coming closer and closer.

This is just one of the many ways you can use speaker bulbs like the Flux Smart Melody to inspire fear and awe in your haunted house patrons. Sure, you could buy 4 or 5 separate speakers and a few remotely controlled lighting products but a setup like that could cost you a good chunk of change. With speaker bulbs like these, you have the speaker and the light all in one, not to mention the wealth of customizability options available to you, all a simple click away.

A few other Halloween ideas using smart bulbs

While the possibilities really are endless when it comes to how you use your smart bulbs this Halloween, we’ve come up with a few more benefits that’ll make your haunted house even better!

  • Use Scene Mode to pick out colors directly from a photo to make your lighting scheme even spookier
  • With 16 million colors at your disposal, smart lighting is the easiest way to add the perfect ambience to your haunted house
  • High efficiency bulbs makes leaving your creepy lights on all night long have less of an impact on energy bills

Let us know what you think!

What fun Halloween ideas have you used your smart bulbs for? What were some of the scariest tricks you pulled? Let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to check out the full line of Flux Smart products!