How To Use Flux Smart's Music Sync Feature October 12, 2016 00:00

It’s Friday night and everybody who's anybody will be showing up to your place in less than an hour expecting a killer party. You’ve assembled a mind-blowing track list to get people on the dance floor, but there’s still one problem: you don’t have any decorations.

How can you make sure the soundtrack you’ve worked so hard on is matched by your home’s visual style? That’s easy. With smart lighting.

The Flux Smart Wifi and Flux Smart Bluetooth LED Light Bulbs let you add some color to your favorite tunes with music sync technology only available in smart bulbs. With music sync, your smart bulbs change hues to the beat of your music, turning your living room into a vibrant, color-filled dance club. There are two different ways to utilize this amazing new feature: Music Mode and Mic Mode.

The dependability of Music Mode

Music Mode is the traditional method of combining the awesome color changing capabilities of your Flux Smart Wifi and Flux Smart Bluetooth LED Light Bulbs with the beat and rhythm of your personal music and with a streamlined user interface, navigating the app has never been easier.

Simply open up the app, pick which bulb (or group of bulbs) you would like to sync up with your music, and click the “Music” tab on the menu bar at the bottom of the screen. Then all you have to do is pick out which song stored on your smart device to play and presto! The chosen bulbs will change colors according to the bumps of the bass, crescendos of the symphony, or the twang of the banjo.

To make the experience even richer, users are given the option of categorizing the type of music that’ll be playing in several different ways:

  • Rock
  • Normal
  • Jazz
  • Classical

This helps the Flux Smart music syncing software pick out what musical quality to change colors to. That means users should try to pick out the category they think best describes their tunes in order to experience the full effect of this technicolor technology.

The versatility of Mic Mode

Another way to bring a bit of zest to your party is by using Mic Mode. This mode differs from Music Mode in that it, as you may have guessed, utilizes your smart device’s microphone to pick out the tunes instead of playing them directly through the app.

One particular perk of going the Mic Mode route is that you’ll be able to sync up your Flux Smart Wifi and Flux Smart Bluetooth LED Light Bulbs to music streaming services on your phone or tablet such as:

  • Pandora
  • Spotify
  • Apple Music
  • Youtube
  • Any other music service!

Accessing Mic Mode is just as easy too. Simply open up the app, pick out the bulb or group of bulbs you’re after, and click on the “Mic” option on the bottom menu. From there you’ll be prompted to allow the app to access your mic. Then all it takes is minimizing the app and playing music from your favorite service and your bulbs will transition colors to the beat, all with 100% streaming music.

A few tips to get the most out of music sync

While the only real limit to how you use each music syncing feature is your own creativity, here are a few pointers to get you started.

  • Use Music Mode to amp up your party with seamless color/music integration without having to worry about ambient noise throwing off the light show.

  • Use Music Mode to play music directly from your device, avoiding any problems with streaming hiccups or internet connection, so you can keep the party going.
  • Use Mic Mode to open up the world of music a little bit wider with access to any of your favorite streaming services.

  • Use Mic Mode to sync your lighting with someone else’s music by playing the tunes from their device.

No matter which mode you choose, the music sync feature of the Flux Smart Wifi and Flux Smart Bluetooth LED Light Bulbs ensures your party will be more colorful than ever!

Share your ideas

Which music sync mode is your favorite and why? Do you have any other smart lighting party tips? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to check out Flux Smart Wifi and Flux Smart Bluetooth LED Light Bulbs.