Make Your Colors Pop With These Simple Lighting Tips April 12, 2017 00:00


The grass is beginning to turn a healthy green, the air is perfumed with blooming fragrances, and the world around us is bursting with color again. Spring is upon us.

We can finally shrug off the monotony of winter and embrace the bright and lively colors of the season! Isn’t it amazing what a little bit of color can do for your mood?

This season, don’t let the outdoors be the only place to find some color in your day. Instead, follow the simple lighting tips below to help bring your decorative hues to life.

Harness the power of accent lighting

If you could only take away a single lighting tip from this post, then this would be the one to keep. Accent lighting is one of the best ways to add flair and character to a living space. It can be used to highlight architectural designs, particularly striking décor, and can even act as a design piece itself!

Here’s how:

Accent lighting is one of three types of lighting used in interior design. The other two, ambient and task lighting, are mainly related to function rather than decoration. And while both of these might make it easier to move around a room or perform actions like reading a book, accent lighting defines the feel of a room because the eye naturally falls on the brightest part.

If you really want to make your colors pop then, try adding some accent lighting that highlights especially colorful design elements. It could be a sculpture, a painting, or even a bookcase with some brightly colored covers. You might be surprised at how much different a space feels afterwards!

Invest in color-changing light bulbs


While the color-changing light bulbs of the past used to be reserved for parties, holidays, and kid’s rooms, modern smart bulbs with this feature have become a staple in the world of interior design.

There are a couple of reasons why.

First, these bulbs offer something no other bulb can—light that comes in 16 million different colors. With such an enormous range, you don’t have to choose just from “loud” colors. In fact, one of the best ways you can use these bulbs is by just adding a little bit of color to your light.

Maybe a light green to help you usher in spring.

Or a pinch of red to add a bit of relaxation.

Whatever color you go with, bathing your living space in a certain hue can transform a boring interior design scheme into a layout you and your guests will love.

Color-changing bulbs also offer the benefit of making your accent lighting pop even more. Imagine walking into a living room and seeing not just a few brightly lit objects but rather a burst of colored light enveloping them as well.

Warm or cool?


Light color temperature is one of the biggest contributors to wrongly chosen color schemes. You may be browsing the hardware store for a reasonable looking paint swatch when BAM! It hits you. That absolutely perfect hue that will do wonders to tie your family room together. So, you buy a can of it. In fact, you buy three (that color is so perfect!).

But after you cover the entire space in this color you thought was sent directly from the heavens, you realize that something isn’t quite right. The hue you were fawning over for so long has changed from absolutely perfect to, well, this.

What happened?

You might be suffering from the common problem of misjudging how a color will look in a different light. You see, the lights of a hardware store, while bright and effective, might have a different color temperature than the lights in your home. As a result, the colors in your family room are bound to look different when illuminated by a dissimilar kind of light.

While some paint specialty shops have displays set up to show just how light color temperature might alter your favorite hue, one of the best ways to ensure your colors look just right is by having a light source with an adjustable color temperature. That way, you can cater your lighting needs to that perfect color rather than the other way around.

Now that’s what we call versatility.

Let us know what you think!

What other ways have you found lighting can really help your home’s colors pop? How have using these design tips changed the look and feel of your home? Let us know in the comment section below and get coloring with the Flux Smart product line!