Make Your Own Color Schemes With Custom Modes November 21, 2016 00:00

Smart phone cases that come in millions of different colors, patterns and functionalities; electronic watches with hundreds different faces to choose from and countless different watchbands; video game avatars with customization options so diverse that there are less species on earth than there are possible accessory combinations.

Our world is becoming more and more customizable with every passing day, and technological advances have brought the ability to alter your environment however you see fit to new and unexpected places.

And now, light bulbs are no different. With Flux Smart Custom Mode, users can create, save, and share their own fully customizable lighting schedule by adjusting several different variables. It brings a whole new level of customization to lighting up your life.  

LEDs and smart lighting: the perfect combination for customization

Those of you that have heard about smart lighting before know that smart bulbs are basically feature packed light bulbs that let you change between millions of different colors, control them from anywhere in the world, set them to different schedules, and even play music directly from the bulb.

All of this is accomplished thanks to the versatility and compactness of design of the LED light bulb. These powerful little light sources provide a hefty amount of illumination, are quick to turn on (unlike most fluorescents), and provide a relatively easy way to change the color of its light output.

And while being able to remotely control a bulb is the cornerstone of smart lighting, more advanced bulbs like the Flux Smart Bluetooth and Flux Smart WiFi bulbs allow users to enhance their customizability by creating intricate lighting patterns, making it not only a fun feature but also a useful tool for a variety of situations.

You’re in control with Custom Mode

Using custom Mode allows you to set a schedule for their Flux Smart bulbs to switch between 16 different colors at a rate you determine. You can dig into the customizability by playing around with four different variables:

  • Color: Flux Smart bulbs offer a range of over 16 million different colors to choose from, giving users an enormous palette to fit almost every situation.

  • Brightness: Users can also pick out the exact brightness they are after for each color, making Custom Mode just as useful for a low energy get together as it is for a wall-shaking house party.

  • Transition Style: There are three different transition styles to choose from – gradual, jump, and strobe. Gradual transitions smoothly from one color to the next, jump switches abruptly, and strobe, well, strobes between the two. Makes sense right?

  • Transition Speed: This setting lets you fine tune just how fast you want to switch over to the next color with an adjustable speed scale. This gives you control over how quickly the transition from one color to the next should be for “gradual”, determines the length of time on one color for “jump”, and decides the number of flashes on one color before switching to the next for “strobe”.

The immense amount of adjustability of each of these variables makes Custom Mode one incredibly customizable way to use your smart bulbs just the way you want to. There are literally millions of possible combinations!

Share your creation with anyone in the world

While being able to fine tune your lighting to the exact way you want it is a pretty neat feature by itself, Custom Mode offers the added ability to not only save multiple arrangements to your smart device so you can switch between your favorite schedules. It also lets you share these schedules with anyone you want! That means your friends and family can set their Flux Smart bulbs to the same lighting schedule you’ve perfected.

All it takes is creating and saving your pattern and then simply hitting the “share” button. You’ll have the option of sending through SMS text message or through email, making showing off your awesome new lights even easier than before. You can even give your schedule its own special name.


Custom Mode: a few examples


While the different ways to use custom mode are only limited by your own creativity, we’ve provided a few examples of how you can put this incredibly versatile feature to use.

  • Keep a nice mellow ambiance during a relaxed dinner party with a few close friends. Try using a slow-speed gradual transition with dim lights transitioning from dark shades of burgundy and navy blue.
  • Celebrate the holidays by creating a decorative lighting schedule for your outdoor bulbs and one-up the neighbors! Switch between dimly lit orange and dark green using a quick jump transition for Halloween and a bright multicolored strobe for Christmas
  • Crank up the atmosphere at your party by strobing between 16 varied colors to match the energy of your music. Keep the brightness low too. No one wants to see themselves dance!

These are just a few of the ways you can put Custom Mode to use. Use your imagination, the possibilities are practically endless!

Let us know what you think!

What creative ways have you found for your custom made schedule? Any tips for first-timers? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to get creative with these Flux Smart products!