The Future Is Now: 9 Amazing Things You Can Do With Smart Bulbs And IFTT Technology June 14, 2017 00:00



If you’re in the know when it comes to what’s trending in the world of apps and smart devices, you may have heard about IFTTT. More than just a fleeting fad, IFTTT (which stands for IF This Then That) is a platform that lets you open up communication channels called applets between your apps.

If what happens in one app meets the criteria you set, it triggers an action in another app you’ve connected it to, hence the name. An IFTTT applet may, for instance, automatically backup photos you’re tagged in on Facebook to an iOS Photos album. And the best part – these apps work automatically.

Plus, many applets are already developed for you. All it takes is downloading them and you’ve effortlessly set up a whole new level of automation for your connected world.

At Flux Smart, we’re proud to introduce our new IFTTT capabilities with our Wi-Fi smart bulb line. These unique applets let you add a world of functionality to your smart bulbs, all at the touch of a button.

So go ahead – check out what your new Flux Smart Wi-Fi bulbs can do!

Change the color of your lights when it starts raining


Nothing dampens the mood quite like a rainy day outside. But when you’ve got the bright indoor colors from your Flux Smart bulb, the grey and rainy weather doesn’t seem to be quite as gloomy.

This applet changes the color of your lights to something a bit cheerier every time Weather Underground shows it’s raining in your area. What’s more, it’ll even send you a notification on your phone as well!

Toggle Flux Smart Lights on/off

Sometimes all you want is just a simple button on your smart device to turn your lights on or off. And while the Flux Smart interface is definitely easy to use, having a switch you can tap right from your home screen is incredibly convenient.

No more finding the right app, switching over to your groups, and flipping them on. This applet is a one-touch solution that’ll add a whole new level of simplicity to your Flux Smart experience.

Turn off your lights at 2am

With this applet, you won’t have to wonder anymore if you actually hit that switch on your way out of town for the weekend. Instead, you can rest easy during your travels knowing that you aren’t racking up a tab with the electricity bill.

All it takes is setting a time when your lights should automatically turn off and voilà! Your Date & Time app and Flux Smart do the rest of the work for you. Say goodbye to wasting energy with this smart applet.

Blink the lights when your timer goes off


Few things are as frustrating as a burnt pizza or overcooking spaghetti. And when you’re listening to podcasts or music on full blast, it can be easy to miss the beeping of your timer.

That’s why Flux Smart developed this handy applet which integrates with Alexa to flash your lights once a timer is up. Ruined dinners (and missed appointments) will become a thing of the past with this clever IFTTT tool.


Turn off the lights when you leave home



We’ve all had those days before where you barely get out the door in time. And while you may have effectively juggled getting the kids ready, eating a wholesome meal, and making yourself presentable, there’s one thing you’re likely to forget before rushing out the door: turning off the lights.

But don’t worry. By using this applet along with the location data on your smart device, your Flux Smart lights can now automatically turn off whenever you leave your home for the day. A great way to save on energy costs on those hectic mornings!


Flash team colors on ESPN scores


Few things get the blood pumping like an adrenaline-boosting game on TV. And when your team scores? Nothing’s more exciting!

To help you celebrate the occasion, you can now set your lights to flash your favorite team’s colors any time they put some points on the board. By using ESPN’s in-game updates, you can choose from NFL, MLB, NBA, WNBA, NHL, College teams and more to get real-time team color flashing any time there’s an in-game or final score with this sporty new applet.

The perfect way to make your favorite game even more thrilling!


Turn on the lights when you arrive home

The future is here! And while laser beams and hover cars may still be a ways off, an intelligent home that knows when you’re walking through the door is no longer the stuff of science fiction thanks to this applet.

It uses your location data to communicate directly with your Flux Smart lights when you’re nearby and helps make your home warm and inviting after a long hard day at work by flipping the lights on for you. Futuristic? Not anymore…


Turn your lights on at sunset

Want to give your home a bright and cheery glow once the sun goes down for the day? This Flux Smart integration with the Weather Underground app lets you do just that! 

So whether you want to make your home as welcoming as possible or you’re out of town and are trying to scare off would-be burglars, this app makes it easy to brighten up your space before nightfall, all without you lifting a finger.

What kinds of new applets would you like to see?

These cool new IFTTT features make it easy to connect your Flux Smart lights to almost any other app. What kinds of integrations would you like to see? What do you think of these applets already available? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to check out the Flux Smart Wi-Fi bulbs to take advantage of IFTTT today!