The Simple Way To Reduce Your Anxiety With The Help Of Smart Lighting January 2, 2017 00:00

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With 24-hour world news channels, an overwhelming amount of knowledge on basically any topic we choose thanks to the internet, and a near-constant barrage of notifications lighting up our smart devices like a pinball machine, it’s no wonder so many people have high levels of anxiety these days.

But despite all the anxiety that modern devices can bring to your everyday life, there’s one surprising source of reassuring calmness: smart lighting!

Bio-hack your way to relaxation

Have you ever wanted to have direct control over your mood throughout the day, giving you the power to switch from highly energized and productive to cool, calm, and collected with the simple flick of a switch? Well, sadly, we aren’t quite there yet. But we’re getting closer, and smart lighting just might be a step in the right direction!

Smart lighting offers an enormous variety of lighting options to fit almost any situation. With 16 million colors to choose from and full brightness/dimming capabilities, the number of ways you can light your home are virtually infinite! But these features may also be used to tune into your body’s natural processes to help you feel more in control throughout the day.

You may have heard that blue light (like that produced by our phones, tablets, and computers) has a hand in how well we’re able to sleep depending on how much of that light we’re exposed to before bed. Well, just as blue light has an energizing effect on us, there seems to be a color that helps induce feelings of relaxation as well. And believe it or not that color is red!

So, if you’ve had a hard day at work and just want to come home and veg out, do it in some red light and you just may feel more relaxed than ever!

But that’s not all lighting can do to calm you down. A recent study from Denmark revealed that being exposed to bright light of a certain spectrum in the morning for 30 minutes a day has resulted in anxiety reduction in 30 healthy participants. Just by light!

More proof that John Denver was right: sunshine on your shoulder really does make you happy!

Safeguard your home with smart lighting

If you’ve ever spent loads of time and money planning a vacation, you know all the work involved in getting every detail just right. There’s finding a reasonably priced airline ticket (good luck!), picking out that perfect hotel, and coordinating all the travel plans, activities, and schedules. That’s a lot of stuff to remember!

And more often than not, the combination of these seemingly unending details and the excitement of finally arriving at your dream destination will leave you forgetting a few vacation basics like, say, keeping your lights on!

It’s a common tactic of vacationers and extended trippers everywhere to leave their lights on when they won’t be home for at least a few days. This creates the illusion of occupancy that just might be the ticket in warding off any would-be burglars (there’s nothing like being the darkest house on the street to scream “we aren’t home!”). But with all the hustle and bustle of running out the door you forgot to flip the switch on your way out. Solution? Smart lighting!

With smart bulbs, you can access your home’s lighting from anywhere in the world! All it takes is opening your smart lighting app and selecting which bulbs you want turned on and your home won’t be such an easy mark. No need to worry all week long! We’ve got you covered.

And what’s more, you can add lighting schedules and integrate with other devices to make it seem even more likely you’re home. Pretty cool huh?

Did I leave the lights on?

“Running late again. Got to get out the door. Planner? Check. Work clothes? Check. Keys? Where are the keys? That’s right, pocket. Good. Alright, gotta go, gotta go! Phew, made it. Ah! Lights!”

Sound familiar? We’ve all been there. The morning rush can leave us all a little absent minded, especially when we’re a running behind. And as we all know, leaving the lights on only happens when it’s the least convenient situation possible.

Or maybe you aren’t the last one out the door in the morning and though you love your children like nothing else on this world, they seem to think they own stock in the power company! Why else would they leave the lights on so often?

Well, thankfully there is an alternative to keeping your bulbs lit all day long and wasting precious (and expensive!) energy: smart lighting again! Smart bulbs let you see if your lights are on no matter where on the planet you may be. So, all it takes is checking your handy app when you get to work or, better yet, setting each bulb to automatically shut off at the same time every day. No more energy drain, no more hassle of having to worry about it all day long, and no more silly problem!

Let us know what you think!

Do you have any smart lighting tricks that help bring down your anxiety? How has using the methods above simplified your life at all? Let us know in the comment section below and take a load off with the Flux Smart product line!