Ushering In Spring? Think Green For Your Design Scheme March 15, 2017 00:00

Green: it’s the color of life, luxury, and new beginnings. 

And now that the frigid months of winter are mostly behind us (fingers crossed), we’re all about to be seeing a lot more of it!

With flowers in bloom and the lush grass starting to finally fill in, it’s about time to give your interior design scheme a fresh new makeover to match. And what better color to do that than green?

We’ve put together a few pointers to help you Spring-ify your home this year, whether it’s by repainting your walls entirely or just adding a splash of green here and there. And don’t forget about the importance of lighting!

What can green do for your home?

blend greens for spring interior design

A lot of interior designers are starting to catch on to the versatility of this powerful and alluring color. From the rich luxury of a stately olive tone to the vibrant freshness of a powerful emerald, green has a lot to offer almost any room.

The trick, however, is how you use it.

Just like most colors in your decorating palette, it’s important not to overdo it. While a bright green runner can do wonders for really making your entryway pop, covering each of your walls in the same tone can come off unnerving and tasteless.

It’s no wonder that most people use green more often as an accent color rather than a base. The room pictured above, for example, shows just how much difference a few pieces of bright green accent can really add life and attitude to a space that would have otherwise been cold and lacking personality.

Blending your greens

 subdued solid colors

While making your colors pop is one approach to interior design, another common and effective way of incorporating green into your home décor is by blending it in with similar hues.

Instead of having sharp bursts of color, then, choosing a subtler tone and surrounding it with darker shades like browns, dark yellows, and faded blues can add rich layers of complexity to a space, just like the warm and attractive bedroom pictured above.

Subdued solid colors

subdued solid colors for spring

Photo by jingdianjiaju via Flickr

If you do end up deciding to use a solid tone of green for your wall colors, it might be best to go with a more palatable shade like an Avocado, Olive, Fern, or Asparagus Green.

Choosing any of these over the typical accent greens you’ll find can help give your area a powerful sense of character and personality without being disconcerting. Have a look at the children’s room pictured above to get a good idea of what a well selected hue can do for a space.

How to light your greens just right

Photo by charlotte holmes via Flickr

As with any successful interior design scheme, choosing the right type of lighting to get the most out of your greens is crucial. And in order to do that, you need to know the difference between warm and cool lighting.

Color temperature is a way to describe the type of light a lamp gives off. Warmer lights like incandescent bulbs and candles tend to have a richer, more yellow light while fluorescent and halogen bulbs will produce bluer, “cooler” light.

Deciding on what type of illumination fits your design scheme really depends on what kind of personality you want a space to have. Warm tends to be inviting while cool can give an area a more modern feel.

But when it comes to lighting your greens, cool matches up particularly well with bright accent colors while warmer colored temperatures will often do better with the subdued hues.

As with any interior design element though, the best options for lighting are the ones that offer the most flexibility. Dimmer switches, for instance, can help you fine tune your lighting to perfectly accentuate a space without having to buy multiple bulbs with different light outputs.

And beyond that, many smart bulbs offer consumers the ability to change the light color on the fly, giving anyone access to over 16 million different hues to choose from. With that kind of flexibility, you’re sure to find that perfect colored light to really make those greens pop!

Let us know what you think!

How has incorporating green into your design scheme changed your home? What kind of lighting tips do you have when it comes to green décor? Let us know in the comment section below and bring in spring with the Flux Smart product line!