Bring The Movie Theater To Your Home With The Help Of Smart Lighting December 21, 2016 00:00

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Turn Your TV Room into a Movie Lover’s Dream with Smart Lighting

You’ve been waiting for this for years. Ever since you beheld the splendor of the silver screen at the age of 10, you’ve been hooked. You were a regular at the dollar theater, an ace at movie trivia, you even minored in film studies in college.

As your passion grew so too did your expendable income, making that far off dream of your very own home theater more and more attainable. And now that you’ve finally amassed the funds to carve out your own little cinematic kingdom, you need to make sure you’ve got all the details covered, preferably in the cheapest way possible.

When it comes to lighting your home theater, the versatility of smart bulbs provides one of the best ways to transform simply catching a flick into completely immersing yourself in the world of a film.

Controlling the light, control the experience

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By far the most useful feature of smart lighting is the ability to control your lights remotely from anywhere. The fact that this feature in particular was one of the earliest to be implemented into smart bulbs is testament enough to the functionality and ease of use behind having the light switch to every bulb in your home stored conveniently in your smart device.

And when it comes to your home theater, controlling each light comes in mighty handy. Imagine, for instance, that rather than turning off the lights and fumbling your way back to your seat while tripping over friends, snacks, and loved ones in the process, you can get comfortable in your favorite chair and simply flick the lights off right from your smartphone.

Or consider the scenario where your friend has to jump up to use the bathroom (during the best part of the movie of course). All you have to do is turn on the hall light for him from your smart bulb’s app. Simple. No getting up to guide him through the dark, no stopping the movie to hit the lights for him, and best of all, no missing out on any of the flick.

Control over your home theater’s lighting system can be even more fine-tuned with each bulb’s built in dimming feature, also accessible straight from your smart device. This feature, as long as your smart bulb supports it like many of these do, opens up a world of possibilities. You can keep the aisles of your home theater slightly lit for easier snack and bathroom runs, you can make the ambient light of the entire room a bit higher to help you keep conversation going between friends, or for those of you that may have separate areas to your movie room, you can keep your bar for instance illuminated while maintaining the ambience necessary to appreciate the film on screen.

And for added ease of use, any of your home theater’s smart bulbs can be controlled in groups, making brightness adjustment of entire sections as simple as a flick of your finger.

Immerse yourself in color

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Another feature that really sets smart lighting apart from the traditional alternative is that many higher end bulbs offer the ability to change the light hue to over 16 million different colors and this too can be particularly useful when figuring out how to light your home theater.

First, there’s the functional benefit: adding a bit of light to make navigating in the dark a bit easier. Modern theaters nowadays have LED strips lining the walkways so you can see where you’re going. And do you know what color they typically are? Green. And do you know why? Because green is one of the most easily detectable colors by the human eye.

And since you’ve got 16 million colors to choose from with your smart bulb, why not try using a soft green light to help your movie buddies find their way during show time?

The huge range of colors can also come in handy when you want the atmosphere to intensify everything you love about a certain flick. Say, for instance, instead of watching all nine hours of The Lord of the Rings trilogy on a backdrop of pitch black, you decided to view it surrounded by a dark green glow.

Or maybe you and your little one decide to turn your theater into an underwater viewing deck during Finding Nemo by filling the theater with an aqua blue light. The possibilities are endless (and if you really want to match your lights to a film’s particular color scheme, use the Camera Mode to mimic the exact hues of any movie).

True surround sound

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One of the most exciting new features of smart bulbs like the Flux Smart Melody and Blast is the fact that these bulbs not only incorporate the versatility of a smart bulb, they also offer the sound delivering power of a Bluetooth speaker!

That’s right, forget about the extra pain (and expense) of mounting and wiring speakers throughout your home theater, not to mention all the time it’ll take to setup and calibrate the system. These smart bulbs let you and your audience hear every perfect line, every blood-curdling scream, and every inspiring battle cry from your favorite films in room filling, crystal clear sound.

And all you have to do is screw in a light bulb.

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Have any more ideas on how to make watching your number one movie even better with smart lighting? Tell us about them in the comments below, and don’t forget to check out the Flux Smart product line to turn your home theater into a movie lover’s dream.