Why Smart Lighting Makes The Perfect Christmas Gift December 19, 2016 00:00

December 25th is quickly approaching!

Besides hanging ornaments on the Christmas tree and putting up the holiday decorations, that means it’s time to find that perfect gift for everyone one your list, including those few hard-to-shop-for folks.

But if you’re stumped this year about which gift will suit almost anyone’s tastes, make sure to consider smart lighting!

What a gift!

If you really want your gift to stand out this year, smart lighting is a sure thing. Here’s a list of the top 5 reasons smart lighting will make your Christmas shopping a breeze this year.

  • Be the cool parent - Shopping for the younger generation is tough. With a new gadget or game coming out every week and the old ones being tossed aside just as regularly, gifting that hot new toy is not only a temporary joy, it’s also a shot in the dark.  

Smart bulbs, on the other hand, combine the functionality of everyday use with a host of cool new benefits that anyone is sure to love, day in and day out!

  • Give your loved ones an all-in-one interior design device – With over 16 millions different colors to choose from, the Flux Smart Bluetooth and WiFi bulbs let you light your home in precisely the way you want. Instead of being stuck with just the traditional whites and yellows of most light bulbs, these let you brighten up your home with reds, blues, and greens along with everything in between.

Even just a subtle touch of color in your home’s lighting can change the ambiance entirely! And when you add the fact that the brightness levels of each are fully customizable on the fly, these bulbs offer more design versatility than ever.

Don’t forget about the health benefits associated with these color options as well.

  • Automate your home – Ever wonder what it’d be like to live in one of those futuristic homes that responds to your every movement and command, starting up the fireplace, turning up the lights, and preheating the oven when you get home for work?

Well, the fireplace and oven may have to wait a few more years but with smart bulbs, you can designate precisely when and how you want your home to be lit up automatically. And setup is a cinch!

With smart bulbs, you can not only add a bit of sci-fi flair to your home but also wake up more refreshed in the morning and get better sleep at night!

  • Control ambience from one place  – Imagine being able to turn down the lights just right for a movie without having to get off the couch. Or never having to drag yourself to the light switch after groggily flopping down in bed.

With smart lighting, you’ll have direct access to each and every smart bulb you own at any time. All you need is a smart device like an smartphone or a tablet and the Flux Smart App and you can adjust the bulb’s color, brightness, lighting pattern, and schedule right from the app. It’s a whole new level of lighting customization and accessibility!

And what’s more, you can set up your smart bulb so that you can remotely control it from anywhere in the world! That means no more wondering if you left the lights on while heading to work, asking neighbors to turn on the lights while you’re on vacation, and no more unreasonable electric bill because your family forgets to flip the switch on the way out. A true bank account benefit!

  • Add some life to your music – When it comes time to crank up the tunes there’s no light bulb out there that can turn your deflated get together into an unforgettable party like the Flux Smart Bluetooth and WiFi LEDs. They let you sync your light bulbs’ color changes directly to the beat of your music, changing your living room into a high-profile club!

And if you are really trying to add more life to your bash then check out the Flux Smart Blast. It’s an LED bulb that doubles as a speaker, delivering crystal clear tunes from your smart device to every corner of your home!

Let us know what you think!

Which Flux Smart bulb are you gifting this year? Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to check out the Flux Smart product line! Happy shopping!